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Hair Care Products
  Hair Creams                                          Hair Lotion                                        Hair Shampoo     

After Shower Hair Cream is truly a mind blowing product. After shower hair cream not only gives you the YOUTH look but also leaves your hair non-sticky and shiny..
Hair lotion products are no longer just about grooming. Some of them are good for body and thickness. Some are excellent relaxing agents.
Most people want their silky and shiny. No matter ues hair Shampoo, be it straight, curly, long, short, oily, dry, thin or thick all want their hair to look good .

 Hair Spray                                         Hair Conditioner                                  Hair Relaxer     

The hair spray you choose depends on the hair styling process. If you do alot of intricate styling, it's a good idea to have both a working spray and a finishing spray.
Conditioner used after shampooing. All types of hair have to be conditioned to keep it shiny and flexible. Conditioning is specially useful for dry hair.
Hair relaxer straighten hair permanently. usually women to straighten their naturally curly hair without having to use hot combs or pressing irons.
 Hair Texturizer                                   Hair Polisher                                 
It's basically a mild relaxer that loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair and produces easier manageability.
After styling is complete apply polisher to palms of hands then rub hands together. Evenly stroke and smooth hair for a polished, smooth finish.