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Many body moisturizing creams use ingredients which may well be harmful for your body and your skin. A prime example is the use of mineral oil in body moisturizing lotions and also in
Body lotions moisturize and then repair the moisture barrier to help prevent future dryness— and by doing so, break the cycle of dry skin.
A body oil with the right texture has the ability to penetrate deep into your skin for ultimate moisturizing benefits. Many people have shied away from the use of oils as a moisturizer due to the

 Glycerine                                              Vaseline                                                  Olive Oil products 

Glycerin is a thick liquid that is colorless and sweet tasting. It has a high boiling point and freezes to a paste. Glycerin's most common use is in soap and other beauty products like
Vaseline® Intensive Rescue™ Range Your skin is amazing Vaseline® Intensive Rescue™ is a range of products specifically designed with all of your different dry skin needs in mind.
Organic ROOT Stimulator™ has taken hydrating botanicals and blended them with olive oil into a vitamin-rich crème that replenishes the "natural" moisture

 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula                                                                                           
Want smooth, buttery soft lips that stay that way for hours and hours? Then you simply must invest in a tube of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter.